Better error messages when Briefcase exports forms with same name/id, but different columns

I think it will be great figuring out quantity of data to be exported in the Export Settings

The last 2 days have been some kind of night mare, so I thought of sharing this.

Just returned from field data collection during which all finalized encrypted forms were submitted on the server. Coming back, I have been trying to pull and export the complete dataset from the Aggregate server with ODK Briefcase v1.11.2 to no avail. I also realized that the variable names reflected the names of a test form I decrypted earlier and deleted during the dry run phase.
I got the 2 tablets and exported the finalized sent forms through the USB cable on my desktop but this produced lots of missing data as well.
It then occured to me that the problem should be at the level of the Briefcase store because I could see 48 observations pulled (as expected) but 96 observations exported. I got to the briefcase store locatation and deleted the test xml form together with all the instances.
Pulling the data after this resolved the problem.

ODK Briefcase exports all that is found within memory instead of what has been pulled

Based on what you said at Problems with missing Data from Aggregate Using Latest Release of Briefcase, it sounds like you had some old versions of the form that had different column names. Instead of limiting exports to most recent, could this problem have been solved if Briefcase reported an error when an export encounters a form with the same name/id but has a different column names?

Exactly, you said it all. I got such error messages during "getting blank form" from the server because there was an old version initially downloaded with the same id. Until I deleted all initial downloads on the endroid devices then did it stop
An error message could have been a perfect short cut.

Thanks Yaw