“bins and balls” format question on ODK

Dear ODK community,

I saw this post about the "bins and balls" format from 2014 and was wondering if maybe by now there was a solution available in ODK?

"Dear ODK community,

I am a new ODK user and have just started to use XLSForm to build my survey instrument. I was hoping to use a visual tool like the one attached (taken from Delavande and Rohwedder 2008) for some of my survey questions. I am attempting to elicit subjective probabilities for some uncertain events and have gathered that a visual tool of this sort usually receives better responses.

Do let me know if you have any ideas on how I can do this sort of thing on my ODK questionairre or if I can integrate it in some other way."

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi @Teresa
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It's not possible to have the exact visualization, we simply do not have a widget like that. What you can do is for example use multiple range widgets. It would look like this:

and here is a sample form:
probabilities.xlsx (5.4 KB)