: sharing forms about biodiversity

We're proud to introduce this website to ODK's community !

A few "geomaticians" from my NGO's network wanted to show how XLSForms and of course ODK, is a strong alternative to dedicated applications development, for Nature Conservation work.
Our last national convening, in October, was dedicated to solidarity and scientific basis of our missions. A good reason to work on the project and an appropriate inauguration occasion !

So here it is, as a work in progress, we're proud to introduce here :

The site is dedicated to forms useful for biodiversity and nature conservation issues (from plant scientific monitoring to field cars usage). The final goal is to describe each shared form and make it freely downloadable under a CC-BY(-SA) license.

Even if the domain name is in English because we didn't found a concise one in our native tongue, the content is for the moment 100% French...
But any other language contribution, from any Nature conservation stakeholder is really welcome and will be appreciated !

Feedback welcome !