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Hello! I thank you for your help again ...
I would like to know if it is possible in the repeating group box when it appears: "Add new group?" if I can block one of the "do not add" or "add group" options. I wish that who answered the questionnaire did not have the option of not adding a new group (I have a butterfly monitoring form and with each repetition I have information about each individual with photos of the dorsal wings (another repetition group) and photos of the ventral wings (plus a repetition group) among other information and could not miss this information if they accidentally selected "do not add"

Thank you so much again!!


I am happy to help. However, your requirement is not very clear to me.


Am I right in thinking you know exactly how many times you want the question to repeat? It looks like here you want it to happen exactly 4 times (assuming 2 ventral and 2 dorsal wings). If that's the case then you can fix the number of repeats using repeat_count (documented here). I

It might also be worth not using repeats if you have a fixed number of questions as it can add complexity to the data. I'd take a look at the Repeat Recipes and Tips to get a sense of when and when not to use repeats.

No ... I don't have the exact number of times. Must be unlimited

In the ODK, for each repetition group, a box appears: "Add new group?" with the options: "do not add" or "add group" ... I would like to block or delete one of these options, leaving only one. Ex: I would block or delete "no add" and force the person to answer the questions of the next repetition group ... I need them to always answer the questions of the repetition groups, not allowing them to pass a group without answering...

So it's unlimited but there always must be at least 1? It's hard to see from your example and descriptions what part of the form is a repeat. Maybe you could share what you have for your form (as an XLS or XForm) so far and point out exactly where you want to avoid showing the prompt.

This is a part of xlsform... I need the questions from the repeating group in orange to always be mandatory. The "do not add" option is not allowed to be authorized.New_group.xlsx (27.1 KB)

So there always must be AT LEAST 1 registros repeat answered in a form submission? Is that what you're saying?

Yes, at least one. Always must be at least one records answered in a form submission.

That should be the default behaviour. The first repeat should always be shown and the user should only be prompted on repeats after that. Is that not what is happening for you? I'm asking before your form out as the one you shared is not a valid XLSForm - the questions should be in a survey sheet and the choices sheet is missing.