Boxes for select_multiple in Android 5

ODK Collect 1.28.2 beta

Under Android 5, none of the boxes for multiple select show up, and without boxes a selection is not possible. This worked in 1.27.

I tested

columns-1 No boxes, no selection possible
horizontal No boxes, no selection possible
compact-1 No boxes by design, selection possible using frame
label No boxes, no selection possible.

So only compact-1 and other compact-n is usable under Android 5.


This page is very old, and there is a length discussion without final result. Would it be possible summarized what the current state is?

Hi @dmenne
please attach your form.

Selection is only possible for the images where a selection is shown. Others do not respond to touch.
Android 5.0 Tablet. Looks ok on Android 8.x. I know that some (e.g. label) do not have boxes per se, but selection should be possible.

select_example.xlsx (14.6 KB)

Ok I see you can select those options but radio buttons/checkboxes are not visible so you can't see it that's something we need to fix. Thanks for reporting.

BTW looking at your form I noticed you use appearances that don't exists like grid-2 or are deprecated like compact. We have been working on improvements in selects and we don't have well documented appearances yet but you can find a helpful table here:

Thanks for pointing me to the final spec - I always referred to these and, but since there was a lengthy discussion including grid and similar, I never was sure what the final solution was. I am aware that the title was changed "[November 2019 or later] ", but the message itself is dated 2018, so my confusion was complete.

Please, update it as some location that is well visible.

Thanks for the report -- beta 3 is now out and should fix this issue.

Is it possible for your devices to upgrade to Android 5.1? Android 5.0 has a lot of very particular bugs and is not in broad circulation. We verify changes across a range of Android versions but not on 5.0 because it represents a tiny fraction of the user base. It's great to catch these kinds of issues and fix them but if you have a chance to get off 5.0, I would strongly recommend it.

I don't typically jump on documentation issues because they can be approachable for others. In the XLSForm/pyxform case especially, I always hope someone else will pick issues up because the core ODK team is not its official steward! That said, I agree the update is long overdue and will try to get to it soon.

I tested it, and it looks fine. Thanks for fixing!

Thanks for pointing me and others to Android 5.1. Too bad I cannot upgrade the tablet we have to test legacy software.

Anyway, it was a minor point for me, but it could be relevant for some of the devices in remote areas.

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Of course that was a great finding. Thanks again!

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I figured that might be the case, too bad! We've been updating to using more modern Android libraries for the user interface over time and still have a few areas of the app where we have to make changes. Those would be at risk of similar issues. We'll be sure to point these out in betas and to be explicit about which Android versions we have done quality assurance on.