Briefcase config file


I have multiple ODK projects running on different servers. I use Briefcase v1.15.0 to pull data from the servers to my local folders as backup. In the data backup folders on my system, I have placed the briefcase.jar file individually in every folder of different projects. The intention is to save the info of every project into its associated briefcase file permanently, so that I just need to do a PULL thing for data download, without resetting the server info and password. However, it is not working like this. No matter which briefcase file I open, it has the server info for the last project opened from any other file. I assume briefcase saves config for servers in some windows registry or something similar. Is it the case? If there is some config file, can I customize it to have separate config for different projects in different folders, to be used with individual briefcase.jar files?



Briefcase is to backup and restore your data from Aggregate server. When you pull data from aggregate, ODK briefcase creates a folder and saves data by instance. Briefcase doesn't store server configuration info.

Hope this helps