Briefcase not exporting encrypted submissions pulled from Kobo

I'm also at the same situation!! Some days ago I have tryed to develop a form, send some instances, and try to export; all the process work, finally, fine. But now, when the form is jet in production, when I must to recover the data from the instances, I obtain "Exported 0 submissions".
My form is encrypted, so I can't see the data in the table view... I'm affraid that I'll be not able to obtain the data!!
I'm using ODK Briefcase 1.18.0

If that helps to understand, the briefcase.log file seems not to be updated every time I run Briefcase... last update was this morning... but I have used it many times from there ¿?

Any help will be very appreciated!!

Finally I've reached to export!
First, the "Pull" process status was "Success with errors"; this message was produced after do a "Push" process when trying to solve the export problem, because I don't know whats anymore I can do; so, at KoBoToolbox web page I've deleted all the instances pushed, identifying its by means of its "_submission_time"; after delete theses instances, the "Pull" process ended with "Success" message; nevertheless, the "Export" process not work!!
Looking at the error message produced in the "Export" tab, I see it talk about somes instances; I've captured the uuid of theses instances; at KoBoToolbox web page, I have see that there are testing purposes instances, so I can delete its without loss of information; after do that, the "Export" process ended with all the submissions!!

After 10 months ago when this thread was started, I think there are no people interested in its, but if anothe user like me face the same problem, all that can be useful.

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