Briefcase pull errors

Hi All
When I make pulls using ODk breifcase command line I get the above errors
could anyone be knowing the cause.


It looks like you're only getting warnings that should not affect transfer. Is there any behavior that is unexpected? I think it is fine to ignore the form parse warnings in this context.

Hi Martin
It goes ahead to push but doesn't export all records.
funny thing is when I restart the server it exports all the records, the
following day it shows the same error and I have to first restart the
Thanks for the help

That's very strange. Are you sure the screenshot contains all the errors you see and that there isn't another one? When you do a new export of new submissions, does it fail immediately or does it export some submissions before failing? Do you have another form on the same server you could try? If so, does it show the same behavior?

I would also read the logs of the server to see if there is anything strange there.