Bug report: Incorrectly indicated number of app users

I have a test database with many deleted app users from testing the Api:

select actors.type, actors."deletedAt" is null as active, count(id) from actors   
group by actors."type", actors."deletedAt" is null 

2020-10-20 10_59_50-pgAdmin 4

When I enter the page or refresh it, it shows the number of app users including the deleted ones:

2020-10-20 10_48_48-ODK Central

When I switch back to the page after selecting another, but without refreshing, the number of app users is correct - well, almost, I am missing one, but that may be some selection problem in the database

2020-10-20 10_49_18-ODK Central

I normally would report this technical error on github, but I was asked not to do this to keep github uncluttered)

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Thank you, @dmenne! This is great information.

I've created a GitHub issue for this: https://github.com/getodk/central-backend/issues/301. I realized that there's also a related issue with the form assignment endpoints: https://github.com/getodk/central-backend/issues/302.

Ah yes, interesting! Frontend gets information about the number of app users from two sources: from the appUsers property of the extended-metadata response from /v1/projects/:id and from /v1/projects/:id/app-users. It prefers the latter if it is available, but not all pages send that request, in which case the former is shown. The difference here emerges because /v1/projects/:id doesn't exclude deleted app users, but /v1/projects/:id/app-users does.

That's interesting. Let us know if you track down the reason for this missing one! (Could it be an app user from a deleted project?)

We have just released Central v1.1, which should resolve this issue, as well as the related issue with the form assignment endpoints. Thanks for reporting this issue!

Thanks, and even more for being able to avoid Google. That was the premier issue for the authorities for use in sensitive application.

Have some sleep during the holidays, now the Christmas Deal seems wrapped up.