Build failed after runnig ./gradlew command

After I cloned the project from the android studio and the run ./gradlew checkcode command to check for the build but the build failed with spotbugs rule violation error. can anyone please help me, how to overcome that. I just updated the Gradle plugin only.

You can check what went wrong in collect/collect_app/build/reports/spotbugs/spotbugs.html

I had checked spotbugs.html file and found that, there are many redundant null check warnings in the code that i haven't touched even. Should I have to resolve those warning or the problem is somewhere else?

If it's not caused by your changes probably it's a bug and you can ignore it.

Will I be able to make pull requests on github?

Sure on GitHub everything seems fine we use CircleCI to run tests and code style checks so despite the fact you have a problem locally it should be fine on GitHub.

Ok Sir, Thanks for your response.