Bypassing a GROUP variable name


Most of my projects involve long forms and heavy amount of submission data. Hence, I have to put extra effort in form design, so that I don't have to go back and update it frequently. However, there are times when improvements are needed.

For a deployed form, I need to cluster together a set of similar-natured questions on a single screen. I can create a group around it and use field-list appearance, but the problem is that the group inserts a compulsory NAME variable in the set of variables (which effectively comes as a prefix to the already-existing variable names within that group). This disturbs a lot of things in the whole sequence of data processing and visualizing tools connected at the next hop of Central.

Is there a way to group questions less harmfully, without disturbing the already-running variable names sequence?

Happy to explain more if the above is not clear.


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Can you perhaps include a (preferably simplified) sample form that reflects the issue, along with what your preferred output might look like, thnx.