Calculate depending on select multiple question


i have a select multiple question with 9 choices ('b.1' - 'b.9') and
if the user didn't choose 'b.1', the calculation will show: 0%
or if the user choose 'b.1' , and more 3 choices the calculation will show: 30%
or if the user choose 'b.1' , and more 5 choices the calculation will show: 60%
or if the user choose 'b.1' , and more 7 choices the calculation will show: 90%
or if the user choose 'b.1' , and all other choices the calculation will show: 100%.

i wrote it this way and the odk validate is not accepting it, what's the problem?

<if((not (selected(${pediatric.services1},'b.1'))),0%,if((selected(${pediatric.services1},'b.1') and (${calculate.pediatric.services1}<=4)),30%,if((selected(${pediatric.services1},'b.1') and (${calculate.pediatric.services1}=5)),60%,if((selected(${pediatric.services1},'b.1') and (${calculate.pediatric.services1}=6)),60%,if((selected(${pediatric.services1},'b.1') and (7<=${calculate.pediatric.services1}<=9)),90%,if((selected(${pediatric.services1},'b.1') and (${calculate.pediatric.services1}=9)),100%,0))))))>

Hi @Khaled_Altaher

could you attach your form it's always easier to help then than analyzing raw expressions.

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It probably doesn't like that you are trying to result a value of 0% - this should probably be quoted; ie '0%', but there's a bunch of other things wrong too... :slight_smile:

Also, its probably worth pointing out that you can significantly simplify your calculation (hence fewer chance of error) by observing the fact that checking for (selected(${pediatric.services1},'b.1') everywhere else is redundant, because by that point in the calculation it must have been selected, otherwise the initial if((not(selected(${pediatric.services1},'b.1')))... would have picked it up!

Try something more like this [I'm having to somewhat interpret your desired intended ranges here...]:

if(not(selected(${pediatric_services1},'b.1')),'0%', if(count-selected(${pediatric_services1})<=3, '30%', if(count-selected(${pediatric_services1})<=6, '60%', if(count-selected(${pediatric_services1})<=9, '90%', '100%'))))

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THANK YOU @Xiphware!
It worked very well :grinning:

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Hi @Khaled_Altaher,

Thanks for the feedback, remember to close the thread by marking the solution above.

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Glad it worked for you, and hope I wasn’t too far off the mark with your desired ranges... :wink: