Calculate type and required (true)

**1. What is the issue?
Can there be any reason to set a calculate type question to required = true (or = yes)? Does this change anything?
If there is any effect, I would propose to add it in the documentation, please

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
I think to remember a related hint sometimes in a posting of @LN, but could not find one.

Hello @wroos

Setting a calculate-type question to "required = true" or "required = yes" doesn't have a practical effect.

The calculation will still occur whether the question is required or not. The "required" attribute typically applies to input questions, ensuring respondents provide a response. For calculate-type questions, it's redundant to set them as required since they don't rely on user input.


Am just wondering on another note, what about if you set the calculate questions to be skipped. What happens? Will the calculate be evaluated? and will the data be submitted? I feel this is the area that needs proper documentation.

You can find related hints with the search function of this forum, please, and in the documentation: