Calculated fields always 'Number stored as text'

Hello All,

I am sure its pretty simple but I cant seem to work it out.

All my numerical calculated fields are downloaded in the .csv as 'Number stored as text'. I have tried int() to correct for this but it does not change the downloaded data.

Is there a simple way to force the data to be numerical (fixed or integer) in the downloaded data?


Ok sorry I think I have solved my own question, use and integer or decimal as type rather than calculate.


I'm glad you figured that out! It's not very well documented (and relatively new) so I've opened a documentation issue at

So far I thought that "calculate" questions don't appear in the form (for the data capturer), but other types like "integer" do...?

I tried in vain to pull a date from the csv file (invisible and not editable for the data capturer) and didn't find a way to get it usable for time calculations (like a simple <? comparison). Does the "new feature" allow for this?