Calculation to pick option that is highest in a grouped (multiple response) select one yes_no question

Hello all

  1. I have a multiple response question in a group that has select one yes no (for the different options). The options are already ordered according to effectiveness with the most effective being on the top. I would like to calculate and pick the most effective option selected. I have tried the max and if functions but I haven't been successful yet. Is this possible?
  2. I would like to enable/disable an option in a multiple response question based on previous responses. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

Someone please help. Thanks

Thi is not clear to me so if you could elaborate and maybe attach your xls form it would be great.

You can try Filtering options in select questions

Thank you so much Grzegorz for the assistance rendered.

I have attached the xls form; it has two questions and in the second question I would like to calculate and be able to pick the highest option selected in question 1. (Options are ordered).
my xls.xlsx (11.5 KB)

It contains a bunch of questions, 14 yes/no question in a group and then one more question. Please provide sample answers here with the expected calculated result so that it's clear how you want it to work.

In the group question if I select yes to Pill, Diaphragm and LAM. I would like to calculate and pick/refer to Pill (which is highest in the list) in the second question.
Thank you.