Calendar doesn't show in Android v5.1.1

The date question type, usually displays a calendar widget below:

If you want to remove the calendar and only have spinners, you set the appearance as no-calendar.

However, when you are using Android v5.1.1, the date question type shows no calendar even when the appearance isn't set to no-calendar. (spinners)

I am using ODK Collect v1.18.2

To replicate, upload a form with two date questions, one with appearance set as no-calendar, the other without, like the one attached. Open your form on ODK Collect on android v5.1.1

This works as expected with Android v4.4.1 and v8.1.0.

calendar_test.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Hi @dkwamboka

That's Samsung right?

it's not our bug it's an exception. We don't use calendar for Samsung with Android 5 because it's buggy.