Call unselected choices in another questions


I have a select_multiple question about ( ITEMS SATISFY YOUR NEEDS), I want to ask the respondent about the items which didnt select with call the choice itself.

for example:
1- select_multiple: ITEMS SATISFY YOUR NEEDS: (item1 , item2 , item3 , item4 , item5)
On the assumption that the respondent selected (item2 , item4 , item5)
then will appear:
2- why item1 did not satisfy
3- why item3 did not satisfy

Can I do it in xlsform?

See this sample XLS form multiple_select_not_selected_relevant.xlsx (15.1 KB)

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Thanks, I already did it like your example. But I ask for more advanced way to avoid repeat questions (for non-selected items) because I have a lot of items, not only five.

I do know an alternative way which is dynamic. Follow the following instruction

Q-1)In the first question put a multiple select type question
Q-2)Put an calculated field which will generate first question non selected item value. Say item 138 not selected in the first question then generate the result like 1 3 8 (1space3space8).
Q-3)Put the question 1 with same choice list and in the calculation field put the variable ${Q-2} and Get the non selected item selected in current question.
Q-4)Repeat the selected choice of the 3rd question.

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Thank you, but can you attach an example please.

I do not have XLS right now but if get change to do it, will share in the forum.

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This form is dynamic which you searched for.multiple_not_selected_item_repeat_v2.xlsx (14.9 KB)

You can manage this form easier way if you could customize collect-introduction a new appearance (say: select-all). This appearance will work as all item are selected in row 2 of this attached xls.multiple_not_selected_item_repeat_v1.xlsx (14.9 KB)

@LN have you any thought regarding this XLS.

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@ARIF_AZAD_KHAN This latest one you've posted is the technique I would use: count the items, use that as the repeat count and then ask a question about each. This works well for asking follow-up questions about items selected but as you have noted there's no great way to get a list of items not selected. One possibility is to use join but I would first explore whether the question can be restructured.

@Raneem_Al_Sawas do you really need to ask the user which items satisfied their needs or could you ask them which ones didn't and compute which ones did satisfy their needs in your analysis?

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