Can a data provider/collector return and edit an "open" form?

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At my current company we also collect a lot of data, but it is more a lot of data from a few data providers than a lot of data providers with relatively less data fields.

One thing here is that data providers might have the need to complete "part" of the form, save and return to it later. Or, within a company have person A filling part 1 of the survey and person B filling part 2, for example.

Of course I could break down the form in separate parts and/or have multiple submissions which I can link later, but I was wondering if there is any way to allow the data collector to return to an open form. I know enketo cashes it on the browser, but that is quite dangerous if spread over a longer time period and not transferable to another computer or user.

I know as a project manager you can edit any submissions, but is it possible to allow a data collector to "edit" an existing submission?

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Basically I'm looking for a solution where I can allow a user to access a form and edit it without being a team member/ODK Central user

Quick idea:
Create an app (e.g. Rshiny) which lets users select a submission to edit, and then renders the "edit submission" Enketo form with its own stored credentials.
App user auth8n decouples them from ODK Central.

This likely breaks all sorts of assumptions around the brand new submission editing workflows in Central and might be a bad idea.

What you refer to as coming back to a previous record sits within the currently discussed longitudinal or entity based data capture.


Currently, there isn't a way for a mobile device user to edit a submission inside Collect. It's something we know users want and we'd love to add it at some point. Something like @Florian_May's idea of doing it outside Collect is your best option in the short term.

Having two people fill out a form is something that I've done with custom apps in the past. You could fill out half one form, then transfer it via Bluetooth to another device. It was pretty cool when it worked, but ultimately it was not possible for me to maintain it long term. I think going forward our approach is to make it easier to link forms and associate them with entities so they can be filled out separately.

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Thank you @yanokwa and @Florian_May

@yanokwa : I'm specifically looking for a web interaction, as this is the current work flow. If a datacollector adds info via a mobile app, the edition will likely take place later via enketo, for example.

@Florian_May: not sure I fully understand your suggestion. Right now in ODK Central (which is not the case as in Kobo), only an ODK Central user (with Manager rights, correct @yanokwa ) can edit an existing submission. This is not handy, as I don't want a counterpart in another company having all sorts of rights "only because" I want to give him the right to complete/edit his own submission.

The other idea I had is basically to redirect a user to new submission "completing" or "amending" a previous submission where I can load previous answers as default and have a hidden filed indicating which submission this new submission is replacing...

Or use KOBO, where it seems that now I can send a full enketo link to a non-authenticated user (which seems like a security breach)