Can i download the data in plaintext from ODK Collect without briefcase?

I have implemented encryption and decryption using public and private key. All the process working fine. But I want to download the data from ODK Collect mobile application without briefcase in plaintext.

Javed Ahmed Khan

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Central is the ODK server and the only supported method of getting data out of Collect. Pulling data directly from Collect was no longer a widely-used feature, and it was becoming more challenging to maintain due to changes to Google's app policies. Briefcase was the method of pulling data directly from Collect and Briefcase is no longer being updated since April 2022. Note also that Aggregate is no longer being updated since May 2021.

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Agreed with everything @danbjoseph has said. Is there a particular reason you don't want to use Briefcase? It's no longer updated but should continue to work.

You can also use adb like you would with Briefcase to pull encrypted submissions from devices and then write your own decrypting program. You could look at the Briefcase source to help you do this or the specification.

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