Can I migrate postgres DB Backup to ODK central?

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I have a db dackup which contained forms and photos on ODK Aggregate dashboard. Now that I have migrated from Aggregate to ODK Central ( Can I create new tables in the db and migrate the data?

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You can't really take the DB backup from Aggregate and import it into Central.

I find that for most projects, the easiest option is to stop using Aggregate, export forms and data, upload just the forms (not the data) to Central, and continue data collection that way. If you need to combine the old data and new data, you can do that in a downstream reporting tool (e.g., Excel, Power BI).

If you really want to move both the forms and the data, then see for the recommended way to go from Aggregate to Central.

Hi @yanokwa,

When I'm trying to take a pull from ODK Aggregate I encounter following error

This isn't enough information to troubleshoot. Is your aggregate server still running? Can you access it using the web browser on the same laptop where you are trying to run Briefcase? Is there a Briefcase log file that you can share?

Hi @danbjoseph,
I can't access the aggregate server from web now since last 1 month but I can view the postgresql db data from server through cli and pgAdmin4.
when I'm hitting the url http://ipaddress/project/ the url redirects to http://ipaddress/Aggregate.html which throws 404 Not Found error. As a result I have migrated from Aggregate to Central, now that the ODK central is working I want to migrate the postgres DB backup from ODK Aggregate to the new Central instance.
I have atrached the briefcase.log file
briefcase_log.txt (11.6 KB)

You will need to get the Aggregate web server running first before you can use Briefcase.


I was able to migrate the backup and on odk db I can view both public as well my aggregate schemas. When I do \dt The public schema contains the ODK central tables and aggregate schema contains the migrated tables. But when I am logging into the ODK central web, the old data is not getting displayed.

Putting the databases together won't work because Central and Aggregate are entirely different applications with entirely different database schemas.

If you want to get Aggregate data into Central, you will need to get the Aggregate server up and running and use Briefcase to migrate the data to Central.


Noted. But I am unable to make the ODK Aggregate up and running as the web url redirects to aggregate.html and throws 404 not found error.
Could you please share the link or documentation on how to run ODK aggregate web application? That would be really helpful in order to migrate the data using ODK briefcase

I'm sorry, but the core team is unable to provide support for Aggregate because it's reached end-of-life. Try hiring a community member from the marketplace.