Can I record lines, while the screen is off?

I have a form, which uses the "geotrace" field in order to record lines. I use this to conduct a road assessment. The user shall start the form in point A and start recording the road segment. Once the road type change, then he can stop the recording.

I've noticed that once my mobile screen goes off (android devices), then the recording of points (every 20sec), stops. It starts again once I open the screen again.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?geotrace_2.xlsx (13.6 KB) [geotrace_2.xlsx|attachment]

Hi @dkarakostis
does recording stop immediately once your device's screen goes off?
Generally the process shouldn't be stopped but it depends on Android OS you can read more about it here Geotrace and Geoshape continues to collect points when device timeout/sleeps - #4 by LN

Hi @Grzesiek2010 yes it seems like it stops immediately. Can it be that this is a setting related to the GPS of the device? Or with the ODK app settings?

That's possible. I don't know what device you have and what Android version so can't tell since settings differ across different devices. please check you GPS setting and battery settings.

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Thanks @Grzesiek2010
It is quite a strange behavior. The OSMAnd app is working well on the same phone. I have recorded hours of driving/walking while the screen is off and the app records everything.
I use a Galaxy A20s with Android version 10.

Are you talking about this app:
If so what option did you use? Trip recording?