Can I upload data from server to the mobile app into a form? Can I see prior entered data in the mobile app?

Project likes to upload data from a server to a KOBO / ODK mobile app to then update / modify / add records to the data set. Or is KOBO / ODK only "one-way" / uni-directional / downstream from mobile to server?

Can I see / keep prior entered data (a month / a year later after submission) in my Kobo/ODK mobile app? Could I edit the prior entered data and push it again onto a server?

Thanks, Tim

Hi @Scheffti

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when it comes to your issue... ODK works in way that you download a form form server than you fill such a form using the mobile app and submit.
If there is something wrong you can edit the submitted form (as long as it's still on your device) and upload again but there is no automated mechanism to for example review a submission on a server side and ask enumerators which use that form to edit something.

Hi @Grzesiek2010

You mention here that you can 'edit the submitted form (as long as it's still on your device) and upload again'. Can you point me to instructions on how to edit a submitted form? I have not been able to do so. When I tap on View Sent Form, I can see the form and the answers, but no mechanism to edit the answers or re-submit. Or is this specific to KOBO and not functionality available for Collect?

We are using Collect r1.1.0 on mobile

Thank you!

Hi @Carrie_DI
If a form has been sent you can't edit it. If you are using Central you can edit submissions there