Can not auto-publish from ODK Aggregate form to FusionTables

There is a problem that I can not automatically publish from ODK Aggregate form to FusionTables now.
Automatic disclosure was possible until the November 17, 2018 since the establishment in June 2017.
When I test it, it is possible to send to ODK Aggregate from Enketo's WEB form and ODK Collect, but automatic publishing to FusionTables is not done.
Please advise for investigation and problem solving.

Hi @Acs! Couple of quick questions for you.

  1. What version of Aggregate are you using (e.g., v1.7.0)?
  2. Does publishing work with a very new one question form?
  3. What, if anything, changed on Nov 17th (e.g., new form, lots of users, upgraded Aggregate)

Hi, @Acs!

Other users are reporting other issues with the Fusion Tables publisher and we're trying to figure out what to do with this... Would you be so kind to write some lines explaining why you're using Fusion Tables among all the other alternatives to take data out from Aggregate? How do Fusion Tables fit in your data workflow?


Hi Yaw.

I am a suemitsu that I emailed directly. ACS is my company name.

No 1 reply:
The version of ODK Aggregate is 1.4.13.

No 2's reply:
Yes. There is another form on the same Aggregate, and there is data linkage with FusionTable there.

No 3's reply:
I have not changed anything.

Thank you.

Hi, Suemitsu. Thanks for your answers.

Do you host your Aggregate server in Google AppEngine? If so, you could maybe let us review your logs to get more information about what's causing your problem with Fusion Tables. You can invite to your project in the Google Cloud Console.

If you're not using Google AppEngine, it would be helpful to have the server logs. You can create a zip file with them and attach them in your next comment on this thread.

Hi, Guillermo.

I invited you to the project.
I am hosting an ODK Aggregate server with Google AppEngine.
Looking at the logs in the past 30 days, there seems to be one error log, but I can not understand its contents.
How should I respond?

Thank you.


I've received your invitation and will take a look. You don't need to do anything for now.


I've written a post about the interventions we did in order to restore your Aggregate server: An Aggregate data maintenance case

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