Can PDFs be uploaded to the surveys in ODK Collect?

I have a job where technicians fill out surveys in ODK Collect by uploading images, and I was wondering if they can also upload PDF's as answers to these surveys?

Look at the file upload widget

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But what is the file upload widget? I don't see any

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You are using build and not xlsform. Please specify when asking support.
Not sure if build supports it.

Sorry, so there is no way to upload a PDF file?

Build does not have the file upload widget, but XLSForm does. You can export your Build form to XLSForm and add the file upload widget.

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@Julian_gp I assume you are not familiar with XLSForm. Please have a look at It enables you to write the form in excel files. A lot of examples are also given, both in ODK docs and XLSForm website. You can code your form to upload files if you are using XLSForm coding.