Can we get old version forms submission from ODK Central server

  1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.**
    Updated new Version of the Form (Changing the API name of some of the questions) and published the new version of the form, without downloading the earlier Submission data.

After publishing the new version of the Form, we noticed that old submission data for the questions (for which we changed the API name) are blank.

Is there a way to retrieve the Submission data of the Old version Form from the ODK Central Server. We lost some critical data that was collected for last 2 days.

Waiting for your Help.

If a field is removed, it will not be included in exports by default. You can ask for all fields that were ever referenced in previous Form versions when you export data. Renaming a field is the same as removing a field and then adding a new one.

More at

ODK Central 2023.1 throws up a warning about this when you update the form so users know what to expect.

We did export "All fields and data" but the data for the old field is BLANK. Is there a way to recover this data?

Can you please upload both form versions here, I can try to reproduce the issue.