Can we Restrict the Download option in web user

Hi! Everyone,

In ODK Central we observed the one features is not available in the Dashboard of central If it is possible then please lets us known can we restrict the user to download the data in the web Submission section.

Download all submission is disable for those person which are restricted if this is possible then please suggest how we restrict the user for downloading the data through web.

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Rahul Sharma

Can you please tell us more about this kind of user and the relationship they have to your project? This is a user who is allowed to view data, to access it via OData or the API, but who shouldn't be able to do a bulk download, is that right?

@LN ,

Thanks for your reply!

Actually I am exploring that kind of feature in ODK where we can restrict the Data collector Download option in web data submission. If this feature is available in ODK then How we can use this feature. Please suggest.

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Rahul Sharma

The user roles currently available are described in the documentation. I would like to better understand the role you are trying to represent and what access they need to have.

Submission viewing and downloading are currently considered the same access type because if a user can view submissions they can also get a copy of them by doing something like using copy and paste.

Thanks for your reply, Here we use Data collector role for data collection, But we should have an option to restrict the user who can download the submission and view the submission

Submission viewing and downloading should be restrict user role wise who can download and who can view the submission.

Please suggest if it can be possible or not.