Can you make Required functionality conditional?

Is there a way to make requirement of a question conditional on the answer to a previous question?
ie: if Q1=yes then Q2 is required, if Q2=no then Q2 appears but it's not required.


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From my understanding, conditionally required functionality is not available on ODK.


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Hi @Olta_Ndoja! This is something you can do in the ODK-X tools, but not sure about the ODK tool suite. Which are you using?

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In XLSForm, any expression that evaluates to true or false can be used in the required column, just like with the constraint or relevant column. Here's an XLSForm that shows conditionally requiring a question: required-expression.

Please point to what gave you that impression so that we can be sure to make it explicit that it's very possible!


Dear @LN,

Sorry! I misunderstood the question.



Thanks!! This works perfectly. :smiley:

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