Cannot download form from aggregate to collect

I am trying to get forms from my aggregate server onto my tablets in collect and get the following error message:
"Form listing failed. my server name. formList responded with: Not Found (404)."

I was able to download the survey moments before this happened using a different tablet. Is there something wrong with this tablet or the server?

I am using ODK Collect version 1.8.1 and aggregate version 1.4.15 on a google app engine platform.

I am able to access my aggregate server page using the web browser on the tablet and the tablet is connected to the internet. I am a little lost with what troubleshooting step I could do next. Any help or ideas on how to fix this and download my forms into collect would be greatly appreciated.


I've actually seen the same a couple times on my device but I don't know what's wrong. the problem always disappears. So just try again later.

hmm ok that is an odd problem. I wonder if other people have experienced it and if there is a way to fix it since it means that you loose valuable data. :frowning: hmm I will need to research more. Thank you for your help!!

I vaguely remember that Google shuts down servers if you aren't using them and then spins them up on the first request. @Mitch_S might be able to confirm.

If that is still the case, maybe we can do something clever on the Collect side like retrying on a 404. @Grzesiek2010 since you've seen this before, maybe just keep an eye out for when it happens and file an issue when it happens.

@Grzesiek2010 since you’ve seen this before, maybe just keep an eye out for when it happens and file an issue when it happens

I'll be careful.

Is there a different way to get a form into Collect and skip Aggregate? I am trying to launch a project but do not have the final version of our forms on the devices in collect. Any idaes would be great. I'm still pretty lost trying to figure things out and get my project off the ground.

As I said here Problem with installing Aggregate v1.4.14 - #4 by Grzesiek2010 you can use Google Drive. What is your problem now? Do you still get that error?

Oh no I forgot about that option. Thank you so much, sorry for the trouble!