Cannot Login with new user that created through odkcentral web

1. I try to create a web user from odk central, not from the command line. But, I cannot log in with that new user name.

2. ODK central did not send any email while creating web user dan reset password.

I hope someone can help me on this issue.
Thank you

Hi @Rico_Kurniawan

did you follow the doc Logging into ODK Central?

Hi @Grzesiek2010, thanks for your response

Yes, I already follow that instruction. Then I tried to create an user account via web ODK central. but, this user can not log in. and also ODK central doesn't send any email for account confirmation.


Could you describe step by step how you do that and whether you receive any errors?

Have you received any emails from your Central installation? You could verify that they're being sent correctly by changing your own password. When you change your password, you should receive an email confirming that this has happened.

If you can confirm email is working, have you had the user check their spam folder? Messages from unknown domains often get filtered there. If this is what happened and you'd like to make sure emails go to your users' inboxes in the future, see documentation about configuring DKIM. Alternately, you may want to use a custom mail server.

If you need to set up this user immediately and you're not sure about these email configuration options, you could use the command line script to give them a password using the user-set-password command while we try to figure out what has happened and the best way forward.

Thanks, @LN. Unfortunately, I don't receive any email from ODK central related installation or creating an account, even in the spam folder. I don't know if I miss any step in the installation process, however, I am sure I followed the instruction until this step (

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That's helpful -- it means the issue isn't related to the specific web user you created but that it's a generalized problem with your installation.

The first thing I'd try is configuring DKIM and then changing your password again to see if you get that email. I'm not very hopeful that this will succeed but it could.

What can sometimes happen is that the IP address you end up with for your Central server has in the past been marked as producing spam (when it was used by another service). Then email providers may drop messages from that IP before they even reach individuals. Where are you hosting Central? Is it on Digital Ocean or a similar web provider?

If this is the case, you would need to either change the IP address that is given to your server or set up an external mail server to successfully send email. One option for an external mail service is SendGrid which does have a free tier for sending 100 messages a day or fewer. I will warn you that email in general is a lot more complex than one might expect so this setup has several steps.

Please let us know what you decide to do and what you find out. This will help us amend our recommended processes and documentation for others.

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Thank you @LN, let me try it first.

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