Can't download form from Central

Hi, can anyone help me? I've install ODK Central for COVID-19 response using Docker. A form has created but I cannot download the form. The message is unable to resolve host "local": No address associated with hostname. I know that I have to change .env, but It is not working when I change it. How to resolve this problem, and I can manually add the hostname, I've looked to database (form table) and cannot find the "local" string. I'm using custom SSL
nginx: [emerg] BIO_new_file("/etc/customssl/live/<>/fullchain.pem") failed (SSL: error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file
Apr 03 06:32:38 docker docker-compose[22764]: nginx exited with code 1

What deviations, if any, did you make in the directions at For example, do you have a public domain name properly pointed to the IP of the server? Did you correctly setup the .env file before doing the docker-compose build? Finally, have you tried stopping and retrying the build?

systemctl stop docker-compose@central;
docker-compose build;

I want to make one ODK Central installation for multiple domain. Anyway I can manage to use letsencrypt instead of custom ssl. It is on operation right now. But there is another problem, when the form name contain "[" and "]" then the node.js went to 100% CPU load, so the solution do not use that for form name.

Great to hear things are working for now. In general, getting help from the forum as you're doing is ideal because then anyone can jump in to help and the answers are visible to all. However, if you are under time pressure and you'd like more active help such as someone setting up servers with/for you, doing form design for you, etc, please fill out the form in Need data collection help for COVID-19 response?.

Thank you for reporting this. @aurdipas just discovered and reported this bug a couple of weeks ago and there is a fix for it that should go out in the next couple of weeks. I'm glad you are able to work around it for now. It affects any character that needs to be URL-encoded so if you only use letters, numbers, - and _ in your form_id, you will be ok. You can explicitly set a form_id for a form as described in the documentation. Otherwise it is based off the filename of the form definition.

Thank you Hélène and Yaw Anokwa for your support, our team member already fill out and submit the form that you mentioned. I can manage to configure one ODK Central installation for multiple domains using reverse proxy, so several organizations can utilize it. The form has been created and tested, now we will finalize and deploy it. Again.. thank you so much for your support and also to ODK developers for creating this great product.

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