Can't Download ODK Submission

I have downloaded the submission from ODK Central, but the downloaded file is not open, and a pop-up message appears saying Windows cannot open the folder. Please suggest what the problem is with submission downloading.


Hi Rahul,

What version of ODK Central are you using? Does downloading the submission data as a .csv without the attachments work?

Is a chance there is a .zip file attached as media to one or more of the submissions? I saw a similar problem once where the error on my mac said Unable to expand [form name] into [location]. Error 79 - Inappropriate file type or format.) and it was because Central had a problem exporting a zip inside another zip. If that's not it, please share more details and maybe we can figure it out.

Thanks Ktuite,

Now the issue has been resolved. Thanks for your reply.

Please share the resolution so others could benefit.

Dear Yaw,

I am happy to help others.

The problem was automatically resolved yesterday evening, but today I am facing the same issue. I don't understand what happened. If anyone finds any solution regarding this, please share.