Can't find form uploaded from Build to Aggregate

i am completely new with ODK, is there any one or any source to guide us on using ODK?
it is installed correctly, i could make a form by form builder, now i can not find my own form,
if there is any one to guide me on how to start practical work?
your support is most appreciated in advance.

Hi @Mansour nice to meet you!

We will try to answer all your questions so when it comes to your question about the form builder:
You need to create your own form using this tool and then use one of available export methods File -> Upload form to Aggregate or File -> export to XML and then copy this form manually into the odk directory on your device or to your Aggregate server.


What form builder tool were you using? Where are you looking to find your form, and where did you save it?

I am using odk build, and then I am uploading it to my odk instance, the question is:
when we are working on google sheet, and we create, we can find it on our google drive, now, when we create a form, where can we find it?

Let's see if I understand:

  1. You have created a form in ODK Build.
  2. You have uploaded it to ODK Aggregate.
  3. You cannot find the form in ODK Aggregate.

Is that correct?

Yes, you are completely right

After working on the survey form in Google Sheets, what are the steps you take to upload it to your ODK Aggregate site? How are you getting it from your Google Drive folder to your ODK Aggregate?

It sounds like he is using the "Upload to Aggregate" feature within ODK Build. (I think the Google sheets thing was just an unrelated example of being able to find a saved file as expected.)

Adil: does a success message appear in Build when you use that feature?

Dear Donbjoseph, I am creating form in ODK builder, I presented google sheet as example, i mean, when we create a form in ODK builder, where can we fine it(in our computer, in a site or somewhere els)

yes, dear, and even i can find it in my odk profile in CSV type, but i can not bring it to my computer and mobile, my mobile massage me that there is no any file, so, i don't know what to do?

Did the instructions posted in response to ODK build (CSV) type is not usable help at all?

not yet, i will do it