Can't pull data from CSV: "no such column (code 1) c_escola (code 1)"


I am using ODK Collet v1.20.0 and I have to pull data from a CSV. In the choices sheet, I use the name of the column I want to pull data from in the name and label columns of the choices sheet. However, even though I use the exact same names, ODK cannot find the column. It returns me the following error:

"no such column: c_escola_key (code 1); while compiling: SELECT c_escola_key, c_escola FROM externalData"

I have a column named "escola_key" in my CSV, but it appears that ODK looks for a "c_escola_key". It happens with all the others columns (escola, aluno and turma). I have tried to rename the columns in the CSV to c_(their names) and it didn't work. ODK returns the same error, but instead of looking for "c_escola_key", it looks for "c_c_escola_key". The same thing happens if I try to rename the name and label columns in the choices sheets of my forms.

I have searched for a similar problem in the forums and I found nothing.

I have also tried to use different columns in the choices sheet for the name and label and the same thing happened.

I have used Excel to create the csv from a xlsx file, then I tried creating it using R. Got the same error.

I am uploading the .xlsx forms and the CSV file. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

ALUNOS.CSV (244 Bytes)
teste.xlsx (47.9 KB)

Hi @anon74210382

it's because you should use comma-separated values in your csv not ;

Thanks! Apparently Excel was using ; to create the files, and R was quoting the name of the columns. Now I am able to pull the data.

Thank you again!