Can't see loops in Collect

1. What is the problem?
Hi everyone,
I am designing a form with four consecutive looped groups. When I preview it in Enketo it works as expected, but when I upload it to Aggregate and access it from Collect I can't see the looped groups in the initial menu.

Only if I swipe after the last non-looped question I get a pop-up that asks to add a new group, and if I say no, it asks for the other loops in order. However, if I fill in a loop, I cannot access the other loops that come after that, and the navigation is really messy.

I am using begin_repeat/end_repeat and no counters.

Is there a way to "see" the looped groups in the main group menu? Am I making a design mistake in the form?

2. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.

We are using ODK Collect 1.22.4 on a Samsung Galaxy Lite, ODK Aggregate v2.0.3 on Digital Ocean.

Thank you!

Groups in the hierarchy are not visible if they don't have any instances. is that your problem? If not please attach a sample form that shows the issue to help me understand what is worong.

It’s possible that that’s the problem. How can I make sure they have an instance? (And what is an instance?)

Thank you for your response!

By instance I mean one added loop. Initially you don't have any instances in repeat group (unless you use repeat_count) so such a group is not visible in the hierarchy. If you add at least one loop it should be visible.

Would adding a default value to the text entries in the loop make it a non-empty loop? Or adding a note as the first row?

No. You have three options:

  1. Adding at least one loop manually.
  2. Removing jr:template="" from your xml form what adds an initial repetition automatically Add New Group: Add initial group automatically
  3. Using repeat_count to specify the number of repetitions

I used repeat_count and they are visible now in Collect. Thank you Grzesiek!