Can't submit draft form

Hi everyone.

I am in the process of testing my form and have sent a link to colleagues to test who are in a different country than me. Colleagues who are in the same country do not have this issue - we can all submit. Could it be an issue in the settings column?

I also can't scan my QR code.

Take care!

Welcome to the ODK forum, @amzie91! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself on this forum thread. I'd also encourage you to add a picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

For your question about the link...

  1. Just to confirm, this is using an ODK Central server that you have set up?
  2. Are you able to share the country of the server, and the country where the users are having the issue?
  3. Just to confirm, this is with the form still in draft phase? As described here:
  4. What is the issue the users see? Are there error messages/pages?

For your question about the QR code...

  1. What do you mean by "can't scan my QR code"? Is it giving an error message of some kind?
  2. How did you generate the QR code? Is this the QR code to register an app user in Collect?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply.

Will introduce myself shortly.

  1. Yes, I have set up the ODK central server. Still testing the form before publishing it.
  2. I have set it up in South Africa and colleagues in Morocco and Malaysia can't submit.
  3. Yes, still in draft form.
  4. The error message is "Unknown submission problem on data server."

QR code

  1. It's not routing me to a the survey - just reading it as a link and my phone can't download ODK from the App Store. I have an iPhone 8.
  2. Just using the QR code that's generated when you are submitting a draft. Does that have to be scanned in ODK?

For the "Unknown submission problem on data server." error...
Did you update the draft after providing them with access?

For the QR code...
The QR code for a draft is used to configure ODK Collect on a mobile device and must be scanned from within the Collect app which is Android only. Please read to the end of this section of the docs:

To fill out a form on iOS, you will need to publish it and then use a public access link:

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