Can't upgrade to Collect v1.27.3

I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab E. Android version 4.4.4
Please how can I migrate to ODK Collect v1.27.3?

Hi @akawuj_j
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as I said above it's not possible. We removed supporting Android < 5 in v1.26 and you just can't install the newest version on Android 4.

Ok thanks.
I am Akawu Joshua, from Nigeria.

We were directed to migrate ODK v1.25.2 to the OKD v1.27.3 application. Please can you suggest a way out for my Samsung device, so as to enable continue with my survey?

You can check in settings because maybe there is available update to Android 5 for your device. If not you just have to stay with v1.25.2 or buy newer devices.

@akawuj_j, I'm assuming you are with the FMARD PACE project?

We created the ODK app and make it freely available to all who wish to use it. Millions of people use the ODK app, but we do not know who uses it, what organizations they work for, what forms they use, what servers they connect to, etc.

ODK Collect v1.27.3 only works on Android 5.0 or later. If you can't download that version from the Play Store, that is the likely reason. I do not know why FMARD PACE directed you to upgrade to v1.27.3. It is likely that older versions would work just fine.

Please talk to the person who gave you the server URL, username, and password. Only that person can help you determine the best next steps.


I try to upgrade my odk collect app version to v1.27 3,my device is samsung galaxy tab e but it fails.
Please i need help.
Thank you.

Colllect v1.27 only works with Android 5 or later. What Android version do you have?

Good day house,am Modebola Ibitoye,please what I your advice on the aforementioned case,also a victim.....thinking of upgrading my phone application, but scared of losing my valuable data,especially odk files.
What's your advice or solution

Good day,
What's your way out of this issue

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installing a newer version itself is not dangerous so you don't need to be worry about it. However if you want to be 100% sure you can send your filled forms to a server or make a copy using ODK Briefcase.

I have a similar problem. Will need help too.The version of Samsung galaxy tab e is 4.1 or so.

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In v1.26 we removed supporting Android <5 so if you have a device with 4.1 you just can't install the newest versions.

para no utilizar ODK Briefcase. solo copia toda la carpeta que se crea en el movil con nombre odk y luego de actualizar vuelvela a pegar y listo. no perderas los datos. igual si ya los tienes en el servidor no debes de preocuparte de borrarlos en el movil.

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