Can't upload large csv preload to aggregate

I'm having a problem uploading two external csv to a local aggregate, the page just keep loading after I hit upload form. In the tomcat console I see this warnings:
"No sa record matching this formId BLD_Datos
No complete persistence model for sa record matching this formId BLD_Datos"

I have no problems when loading both the xml and the external csv manually. Any ideas.

I'd love to help David, but I don't understand your question.

I am particularly interested in the difference between the "manual" XML and external CSV that works and the "two external csv" that doesn't work. Can you describe step-by-step what you are doing that works and what doesn't work? And if you can, include screenshots.

Thanks Yaw.
By manual I mean directly loading the files in Collect, the form correctly pulls the data from the csv, which are a list of cities and postal codes.
But when I tried to upload the form and the csv to a local instance of Aggregate it just freezes.
here are my files.

The reason the upload isn't working is probably because your CSVs are >10MB and file uploads through the web interface are limited. There are three ways to solve this problem.

  • Reduce the size of your CSV.
  • Try ODK FormUploader at It doesn't have this limit.
  • If you are on Tomcat, adjust the maxPostSize in your connector and if you are using MySQL/MariaDB, increase your DB's max_allowed_packet.

I'd try the first two options. If those fail, then file a feature request to support CSVs larger than 10Mb in Aggregate.

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Thanks Yaw the form uploader did work!

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