Capturing and downloading polygon using ODK

I want to ask for the workflow steps for configuring odk build, capturing and downloading polygon parcels

I have created my form in ODK build and exported it to xml and then load it onto my tablet for field survey. I have succeeded on points data by using the odk briefcace and convert to shapefiles but i am having a problem on polygon surveys, on some of the downloaded polygon csv there are no coordinates at all and on some all the corner coordinates are in one field

Hi @enmuchibwa! I'm not sure where the problem might be happening. It sounds like some of polygon surveys are correct but others are not? Would you mind exporting to CSV from Aggregate and sharing that file here?

Note that this forum is public, so if the data is sensitive, please email it directly to me at and I'll take a quick look.

Also, what version of ODK Collect, Briefcase, and Aggregate are you using?