Cascade in odk build

HI please anyone assist. I have built a nice survey on ODK Build but I am battling to use and understand the cascade select. I want to put in Ages then select males then select the ages. Please can you help . Ive tried to find a youtube tutorial for ODK build cascade but no luck
Thank you

In ODK Build, if you add a select_one type question, there is a checkbox option for "cascading select"

In the next question you can set the Value for the previous question that when selected will show that option. Here it is "state Value" because the previous question is "state".

Here is a post with more details that you may find helpful:


  I've not used ODK since well over a year and a half. Therefore, I

am sorry but I can't answer your questions.

A. Souirji

hello..thanks for your time..
you could demonstrate on BuildOnline I use it more. it's not working when I build the form in ODKBuild online and it's valid in "XLSForm Online v2.x" it returns the XML but without the second level of cascading... and this parentheses don't appear the same in yours.. in fact it's very different..thanks a lot

@BrunoAngelo I'm not confident I understand your question, can your provide more context and details?

Be aware that the offline version of ODK Build is a few years out of date now and will be replaced with something new soon.

Seeing you use ODK Build (, export to XLSForm, and have cascading selects, you may be running into a bug that was recently found and fixed: - are you experiencing this issue?

hello, thank you very much for taking care of my question, it is very important for me, if I understood correctly, I think that's it .. when I download the ODKBuild form (online) which is where I build my forms, but how it is a little limited I have to switch to XLSForm to be able to add more things, however when I export the XLSForm generated in BUILDOnline the cascading options do not appear..

I noticed that the solution you informed in the link is just to set up the form via XML, how would I do this way? would I have to download the XML Form generated even with an error and then open it and edit it manually by notepad?

I would have one more doubt when I put the syntax that repeats the answer from the previous form is not working either...

I'm not able to upload my file here .. can I send it to you by email?

You should be able to upload a file by drag&drop in the editor here. Does that work for you?

Can you upload the ODK save file (ending in .odkbuild) so I can open it in Build and test the export to XLSForm?

Do I understand correctly that your workflow is:

If this is your workflow, why do you export the XLSForm back to XForm?

when I upload the XLSForm (generated by to it gives me an XML file isn't that the way?

and this file I make available on the drive so the user can download the file to use from the ODKCollect that only accepts xml files