Cascading choices can only reference one choice list

Error received on editing form

What were you doing when you got this error and where? The form you wrote is valid for the ODK core tools. Maybe you're using another system?

in kobocollect
once deployed, it is getting deployed and can fill the form. but on edit its showing this error

I believe you're using the Kobo server which is not made by the ODK team. I've verified that your form works as expected on ODK Central. My guess is that you're experiencing a limitation of their form builder. You can either stick to XLSForm or get support from the Kobo team.

There might be a problem as some your choice names don't follow the syntax rule for names, see ODK template (survey sheet)

Variable name. It may not contain spaces and must start with a letter or underscore. You should use a short, descriptive name and can use underscores to separate words. For example: date_of_birth.

But I extracted an reduced example from your file, with those special choice names and it worked well, in KoboToolbox/Enketo (deployment, open form, modal edit and export) and in online validator. CASCADING_ERROR_02.xlsx (10.8 KB)

@LN, could you, please, explain the naming rules for choices. They seem to be less strict than variable names (see my .xlsx example). It might also be good, to make this clear in the ODK template, in your comment for the choice name.

Could you provide more details and a screenshot of the "error" you got, please.

I only could find an "error" with the Kobo Formbuilder. It seems that multilevel cascading is not supported.