Cascading select issue

Dear all,

I am faced with a tedious issues to which I cannot find a solution by myself.
I am designing a tool in XLSform with a cascading select option. All the options are stored in a external_choices sheet considering that there are more than 40k.

The cascade is the following: governorate > district > sub-district > village, each of them a select one option.

The XLS form I am using seems correct but when I try to verify it from the online interface only the governorate options shows as a select one and all the others as text boxes. Unfortunately, for my project all enumerators will have to use the online form.

Could you help me? Thank you

Enketo does not support (and will likely never support) external selects. @martijnr is there a strategy you recommend for large cascading selects?

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Hi, thank you for your answer. I tried by removing the external select and add all the ID in the main choices sheet but to no avail.

You could use: select_one_from_file yourfilename.csv or select_multiple_from_file yourfilename.csv. You may even be able to keep the external_choices sheet, to generate the csv file from the XLSForm but I am not sure about that. In that case, make sure to use the filename that XLSForm creates (itemset.csv ?). Otherwise, create a new spreadsheet for the choices and export to csv using a filename of your choice.

Note, that we are working on reconciling CSV support between the different clients (Enketo and ODK Collect).


Does the select_one_from_file works also with KoboToolbox?

Yes it should work in case of web entry.

Hello, @ARIF_AZAD_KHAN. Thank you for your reply, by any chance do you have an example? Thank you!

in this case we have to use search command i am sending you some example on that i have worked on 10k data cascading with distict, block, and hsc namedistrict_list.csv (721 Bytes)
HSC_list.csv (214.9 KB)
HSC_list1.csv (9.9 KB)
test.xls (119 KB)

Hi @Alberto_Gualtieri

See the attached example. It show you can implement this and it will work in all platform enketo and collect

cascading_select.xlsx (12.7 KB)

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