Celebrating ODK at Tech4Good India Fellowship 2017

Dear All,

Greetings! We are from TechRasam from India. We are a small group of changemakers and techies from India who are passionate about empowering non profits in India with technology. Our mission is to help nonprofits use technology effortlessly & confidently to achieve their goals.

We are doing our first Tech4Good India Fellowship Programme in December this year in Bangalore (India).

We would like to get advice from the forum on:

  • How we can train them on ODK, Can you point us to some resources?
  • Any ODK experts from Bengaluru who can spend some time with our tech4good fellows?

Details of the Fellowship:

The Gap: In India - Non profits face challenges in Operations, Financial compliance, Project management, Fundraising, Marketing, MIS. Technology can help them overcome these challenges. While there are free and discounted technologies available to non profits - they are heavily dependent on external resources to bridge this gap for them. And due to lack of internal technology capacity and confidence, they end up over spending on these projects and mis-mismanage them.

Bridging the Gap: There are thousands of ICT staff working in NGOs who can bridge this gap for them. They are highly motivated but under utilised with very few capacity building opportunities. There is an urgent need to build their confidence to learn, build and maintain technology for their non profit. A bottom up capacity building approach is needed to create a strong foundation that can foster technology and innovation in non profits.

We help nonprofits to use technology effortlessly and confidently to achieve their goals. We want to help them celebrate technology and make it work for their mission. Our Tech4Good India Fellowship builds capacity of Non Profit ICT staff through skilling, mentoring and networking. It is a FREE 3 month programme with 7 days of immersive skilling with master trainers in Bangalore, Lifelong peer network of fellows and 3 months of one-one mentoring support.

Details of the Fellowship Programme - https://techrasam.org/2017/08/16/tech4good-fellowship-india/
More about Us - https://techrasam.org/about-us/


This sounds really interesting! I'm not an ODK expert by any means, but I do have a little experience building forms and running a data collection platform using the tool. Also, I'm based in Bangalore! Do let me know how I can get in touch with you to discuss this further.

I am happy to help you.