Central API submissions request attachment filenames and identifiers

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

When a form contains media attachment fields and submission files, an API request for form submissions return the media files (e.g., image files) inside the /media/ subfolder. The default behavior seems to attach a "-hh_mm_ss" timestamp postfix to the original filename, which is also recorded in the rows in the csv file.

I may be missing something, but doesn't this mean there may be filename collisions? Hypothetically if there are 2 image files with identical original filenames uploaded at the exact same time (hour:minute:second), how would it be handled?

A follow-up to the above. Is it possible to include the UUID+fieldID identifier as a prefix (or postfix) of the filename, which will map each uploaded file uniquely? Alternatively (I think is preferable/cleaner), to completely replace the filename with just the UUID+fieldID, and keep the original filename recorded in the CSV table so the information is not lost.

Thank you!