Central issue after updating a form and publishing it

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
I made some changes to a form, specifically adding some questions and renaming a repeat.
I uploaded and published it.
Now it is shown on the form list of central but no preview button is available (only for this form).

I can not access anymore to the form, when I click on it, I'm redirected always to the projects page.
If I click to the form access it shows like it is still on draft mode

Now i'm stuck as I can not do anything, not even delete the form.
I can see and download the latest form via Collect.
But on submission I get the
"Error: Could not find the resource you were looking for"
And looking the logs on docker:

"POST /v1/key/XXXX/projects/8/submission?deviceID=mac%3AE0%3A99%3A71%3AA5%3AC9%3AEB HTTP/1.0" 404 183

Via Briefcase I can pull the previously submitted data.

2. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.
ODK Central 1.0.1 on dedicated Ubuntu server.

Thanks a lot for this report, @aurdipas. We've seen this on a server that we administer and we currently believe that this can happen if a form definition is published before the Enketo preview is generated. The time this takes increases as the form definition gets larger so it's more likely to happen with a large form.

We hope to have a patch today including a migration to fix affected forms. If you or someone else needs this urgently fixed, we can let you know some database queries to run but naturally would prefer not to have to resort to that.

To avoid this bug, you can wait until the preview button becomes active. Naturally, we do recommend previewing a form draft or trying it on a test device before publishing it!

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We have some ideas for a fix but are still working on a patch. Again, if someone is blocked by this, let us know. Triggering it requires very precise timing and we haven’t been able to manually reproduce so hopefully it won’t affect many (sorry, @aurdipas).

Hello, just to comment that this happened to me too, with an azure server. I attach the image. I will wait for your fix Best Regards.

Thanks for letting us know, @angeltsalazar, and I'm sorry you've run into this. We should have an update for you in the next few hours.

We have now released Central v1.0.2 which prevents this issue and fixes any forms that were affected. @angeltsalazar, please follow the documentation for upgrading and do let us know when you're back up and running.

@aurdipas, we fixed your form manually but I do recommend you upgrade to make sure the problem doesn't happen again.