Central translation for "warning/tips messages"

Good morning from France to the Central Team :slight_smile:

I would like to know if it could be possible to have access to warning and tips messages that are prompted when we upload a form definition. I would like to complete central's translation with those really useful messages like the one below about max-pixels parameter :

Could those messages be available on transifex ?

I would love to see Central next release 100% french readable and I think I just miss those messages to achieve it.

These errors come from pyxform. Currently pyxform returns raw strings so Central can't manage the translation. We'd need to look at adding some localization functionality to either pyxform or pyxform-http. It's something that would be great to do but that the core team probably won't have time for in the short term. I've filed an issue at https://github.com/XLSForm/pyxform/issues/640

Désolée de ne pas avoir de meilleurs nouvelles! Il suffira donc de toujours créer des formulaires valides et optimaux pour éviter les messages en anglais. :sweat_smile:


Merci pour ta réponse Hélène je me doutais de quelque chose comme ça.
No worries. Next central release will never have been so French at start :grin:

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