Central XLSForms Version Behavior Different from Aggregate?


By reading this doc:


I was of the impression that minor changes to forms are allowed by just increasing the version in 'settings' of the excel-sheet.

However, in Central this does not seem to work. I keep getting 'formID exists'.

[A Form already exists in this Project with the Form ID of "MA-ZE".]

The version in settings is 2020003 and increased to 2020004 and so on.

Does it work differently in Central?

I'm using ODK Central v0.7 (I take it) on DigitalOcean. There, 'create form' to upload a .xlsx-file.

Tried also to alter the file-name of the .xlsx, to no avail.


I was under the impression that what you're doing should work but after trying it out I can get the same behaviour. I'm wondering if in Central you have to delete the form and then reupload when changing the version I wasn't sure from reading the docs that that was right.

I'll share this post on the #central-code slack channel and see if anyone has a good answer! Maybe the docs need to be updated to make this process clearer.

Thank you for verifying.
Indeed, by deleting the form, on can uploade a new version having the same formID.

However, you loose your submissions plus: in ODK Collect v1.26.1 one would NOT find the new version of the form for download. No matter if 'hide old versions' be ticked or not.


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Ho @ufotech,

Alles Klar?
Versioning is not yet supported in Central.
It will be soon in coming release.

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Hoi Aurelio

Great news! Thank you.
Just wondering, how upgrade would have to be done on my DigitalOcean-Box....

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Hi @ufotech! Once the new version is released, you should be able to upgrade by following the steps here.