Certificate has expired on self-hosted Central

We have a central sel-hosted and we started this error when trying to open in edit mode of the submissions.
We didn't change anything in the forms, or users, the forms are still open.
Anyone else has this problem?

I've created a simple form with one text field only and it's giving the same error.
Even for testing the draft it gives error.

teste.xlsx (18.1 KB)
teste.xml (1.5 KB)

Talk to your IT team. My guess is you have an upstream proxy or load balancer whose certificate is expired.

Hi Yanokwa,
you can test in a public access I created https://my.ambisig.com/-/single/FE6jblMHR00Mfa8OWgMVglorbenjzhM?st=bTJcHhPCYG9xoT55MLXdcG5hvzm97ESZyYf8zWru5Qbq7S2oi!fYvrSm2k$uzqKh
if you see the developer tools, it sends for a transform/xform/.... that doesn't exist, looks like the url is sending to a page not found.

All certificates are valid.
did you try the public form?

The domain name you are is running an Apache webserver. That's not expected because Central runs the nginx webserver. You can confirm below:

The fact that we see Apache, means you are using an proxy or load balancer in front of Central. There's nothing wrong with that, but for web forms and data editing to work, that upstream server needs to seamlessly forward all traffic. The fact that this just started happening and that you only get a certificate error some of the time, suggests that that something is broken with your upstream server.

How did you confirm that every request that passes through upstream server has a valid cert? Did you recently make any network configuration changes that inspects or modifies incoming traffic (e.g., a Web Application Firewall)? Did you recently update Central or the server operating system?