Change form title color

I would like to be able to change the font colour of the project title in a Kobo Form. I have just designed a form to collect field data, and can change font style and colour of questions, but the project title is fixed in blue (I am not using a grid format). From another recent query, it seems that if the grid format is used, then the title is always orange. My project happens to be to collect field data in an agricultural setting, and our company logo is green, so I was wanting a green project title, but I can imagine others might want something else that suits their own forms. I raised this as a question in the KoboToolbox Community, and was directed here to raise this as a request for a new feature. It seems that this has been raised before as an issue, and a few days after posting my question in the KoboToolbox Community, there appears to be another question on this topic. I suspect it will be a recurring request. Many thanks, Tania

The context there is that ODK builds the web form engine, form design spec and Android app that various other data collection systems use.

It sounds like you're specifically asking about web forms in this case, right? Do you use the Android app at all or not? If it's just for web forms, it sounds like this may be a theming issue. In an ideal world, would all color accents match your brand color? We have been working on a new web form theme that may have configurable colors. I'll update here as that work evolves.

Salut Hélène,

Yes, I’m building a form for colleagues to use for collecting on their iPhones. So definitely not Android.

I’m very new to this, but I think it’s Enketo.

And no, in an ideal world, not all colour accents would be green and white as per our logo😊. I have used different colours to group question types to make it clear for the data collectors that this is a “topic”. It just occurred to me that it would have been nice to have at least the form title in green because it would look a lot better than the blue, and then it occurred to me that other users may also like to chage the title colour to whatever suits them.

Thanks for keeping me posted.