Change title of link "Leave a review" for "Check for updates"

Currently in ODK Collect you have About -> Leave a review on the Google Play Store.

I suggest to change link text to "Check for update"- The effect is the same, but provides a way to easily upgrade Collect.



Thanks for the feedback!

The goal of the link is to get people to leave a review on the Play Store because that's what helps others discover ODK Collect. Unfortunately, there is no direct link to leave a review, so the best we can do is take the user to the app page.

Android generally has a way to notify users that want notifications of updates that there are updates. Are you suggesting this change because that mechanism lacking?

Thanks for your comment!

Situation with updates and Android is that if you want to auto-upate you need to able for all and disable unwanted apps. So this is annoying and some people prefere not to auto-update and do it manually. So my suggestion is just to provide a way to confirm directly if user has latest release taking advantage that link is available. Maybe the ideal is to provide a notification directly in ODK Collect that verified installed version vs. latest and suggest to update redirecting to that link.


Very good point, @Alexander_Torrado. I've started a discussion at Notifying users in app about app updates with the dev community about taking this issue on.