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Is there a way one can reset Gps coordinates after capturing coordinates whose accuracy is greater than the required.
This is needed when you set the accuracy for example to 10m(constraint)
Then if you cant get an accuracy less or equal to 10m, you finalize the form.
This happens in odk 1.0 so am not sure if it has been addressed in odk2.0

Hi William,

It looks like you can not reset (that is clearing) captured geopoint, but
you can actually take new coordinated by pressing the capture geopoint

My concern is that if your under a situation where you have totally failed to capture the required accuracy, then what would be your alternative?

Hi William
I know this does not answer our question directly but might help avoid the problem. We use an additional bluetooth GPS (GLONASS + GPS). Reported errors are 1.5 to 2 metres and a fix is gained in a second. I have never had a failed GPS fix this way and position error is under 5m.

Hi Ian
How is it applied in the excel file.

I'm not totally sure about what you mean by resetting a GPS coordinate but if you mean clearing the value in ODK Collect, you can long press on the question label and then follow the prompts to clear the value. This should work for any question type. It's not a very discoverable feature and I'm hoping it can first be better documented and then perhaps redesigned. As @Ronald_Munjoma mentioned, you can also take a new coordinate to replace an existing one.

If you need a specific precision, you can set it in an XLSForm as described here. You will then need to teach enumerators to wait until the accuracy is reported before capturing the GPS coordinate.

@jamesknight is working on replacing old location libraries in ODK Collect with new ones so it should soon be possible to get more accurate readings more quickly. You can follow progress on that improvement here.

Helene thanks for your contribution. I'll try that practically

The data is concatenated into a CSV file: 'your_form_name'.csv. Associated media is in a separate 'Media' folder. Open the CSV in excel and save as an xl file. I then map the xl file in MapInfo. Coordinates are in lat and long columns in the CSV file. I assume in WGS84.
I am an ecologist (threatened plants etc). Point based data has to be reasonably accurate. Therefore I use the additional GPS logger connected via bluetooth to my device. Be aware, Despite GPS accuracy reports of <2metres, I have returned to redo points, had the same accuracy and the new point has mapped 10 metres away. Not sure why. Could be the various GPS equipment. Garmin seems to be the most reliable (Garmin Glo).

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As i understood that you are facing problem where sometimes your device is not able to collect GPS Coordinates. This is not a problem of ODK, it’s because of situation and that can be like bad weather or might be because of low internet connectivity or many times because of interface of WIFI connection.
So, for taking GPS coordinates , there are few hacks and few apps available on play store, first let me introduce a app, and app name is “Active GPS” you can install this app and then you can use this app.
Hacks: Whenever you are facing problem in collecting GPS coordinates you hve to do :
• Make your Phone in Airplane Mode
• Turn WiFi off (In case you are using older version of Android)
• Use Active GPS, Start service of Active GPS.
• And finally open your ODK apps and take GPS coordinates

And all problems regarding GPS will be resolve , there are many apps those can help but I personally use Active GPS whenever I faced any problem in taking GPS Coordinate I used this and within few seconds (10-15 seconds) I got GPS location.
@William, try this here is linkn of Active GPS

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